A reminder to families who will be joining the Vista Hills Public School in September 2016

If your student is already registered at Edna Staebler, Cedarbrae, or Abraham Erb (Grade 6) Public Schools, these schools will automatically register your student for Vista Hills and transfer his/her records (Ontario School Record or OSR file) accordingly.

If your student is attending a school other than Edna Staebler, Cedarbrae, or Abraham Erb Public Schools, you will have to complete the registration forms available or contact your current school to update your information and request a transfer.

Children born in 2012 are eligible for Junior Kindergarten, and children born in 2011 are eligible for Senior Kindergarten. Visit the Kindergarten website for details on the registration process and more information about the Kindergarten program.

For more information about the completed Boundary Study, please visit the West Waterloo Elementary Schools Boundary Study.