Hawks logo

The VH Hawk pride has begun!

In the Vista Hills mascot submission opportunity, the following statements were made about the Hawk / Red-Tailed Hawk, leading the selection committee to this exciting choice!

  • The Red Tailed Hawk is native to southern Ontario and can be seen on occasion perched on hydro poles and tree tops along roadsides and open areas near the area of the new Vista Hills Public School.
  • Hawks are one of the many birds seen in the area. They are often soaring over the fields seeming to be taking in all they can…just like a student ….
  • The hawk is a symbol of strength and power
  • A Hawk is a general name for many species of beautiful birds which in essence is what a school is made up of, but with humans!
  • Hawks fly high and soar. They are strong and never give up. Also hills starts with h and so does hawk. And the Hawks fly over vista hills all the time.